I was born and grew up in Europe and immigrated to Minnesota in my twenties. My interests have always been centered around the healing arts and sustainable food production.

I raised two daughters and enjoyed homeschooling for a number of years.

When Shiatsu therapy was introduced to the Midwest, I completed that training and became state licensed. Looking to broaden my practice, I began to study various types of craniosacral therapy, including Upledger and Milne’s visionary craniosacral approach. It was biodynamic craniosacral therapy which really resonated with me, and in 2005 I finished that two-year training in Colorado.

My experience with a spinal cord injury, surgeries and recovery have strengthened my belief in our ability to heal and regenerate. I know firsthand the kind of support we need to do so. This experience has transformed my work and deepened my skills.

Realizing how many suffer from a loss of connection with themselves and others because of overwhelming life experiences led me to complete a three-year education in trauma resolution known as Somatic Experiencing.

Somatic Experiencing establishes the safety and resources to live life fully, Shiatsu balances energy, and Craniosacral therapy accesses our wholeness, which allows for transformational changes. I am excited to integrate my life experiences with these complementary modes of therapy; together they address our whole being, allowing our system to heal itself.


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